Offering heavy weight drill pipe

Heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP) is the industry standard for an intermediate weight drill stem member. It reduces the risk of drill pipe fatigue failure by providing a gradual transition in stiffness when HWDP is run above the drill collars.

HWDP uses a unique center upset or wear pad that keeps the tube away from the hole wall, increasing tube life while reducing hole drag and differential sticking problems.

John Lawrie Tubulars offers heavy weight drill pipe from 2⅞” to 6⅝” OD in standard, and spiral designs. We can supply HWDP manufactured using an integral (manufactured from a single bar) or welded (tool joints are welded on) process.

Nominal OD (in.)ID (in.)Wall Thickness (in.)
2⅞ 0.688
4 2⁹⁄₁₆ 0.719
5 3 1.000
3⅜ 1.063
6⅝ 1.063

John Lawrie Tubulars also provides:


Placed on the tool joints and centre wear pad, increasing the abrasion resistance of HWDP and extend its service life.


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