Vic Sinclair
  • Vic Sinclair
  • CEO
Vic Sinclair is the Chief Executive Officer of John Lawrie Group and has worked for the company for thirty years. Vic oversees…
Charlie Parker
  • Charlie Parker
  • Finance Director
Charlie has been Finance Director of John Lawrie Group since 1998. A graduate of the University of Aberdeen, he began his training…
Ray Grant
  • Ray Grant
  • Environmental Director
Ray has been with John Lawrie for 10 years and has over 35 years’ experience in senior roles in the waste management…
Iain Laing
  • Iain Laing
  • Director
Iain joined John Lawrie Group in 1995 as a pipe inspector running completion casing/tubing on projects in the North Sea and Norway.…
Dave Weston
  • Dave Weston
  • Operations Director
Dave is responsible for all of John Lawrie Group's UK operations, focussing on the metals and decommissioning side of the business.  Dave…


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