Offering a full range of API specification and bespoke drill pipe

John Lawrie Tubulars offers a full range of API specification drill pipe from 2 3/8” to 6 5/8” with grades of E75, X95, G105 and S135. Bespoke drill pipe requirements are also easily accommodated. Including custom lengths and specifications with various API and premium connections.

We are deeply committed to quality as demonstrated by our adoption of the TH Hill DS-1 Cat 5 for all our drill pipe inspections. Exceeding the industry standard API RP7G typically used by our competitors.

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John Lawrie Tubulars Also Provides:


An effective way to reduce the OD wear on the tool joints.

Internal Plastic Coating (IPC)

Provides a barrier against today’s highly corrosive drilling fluids and can be added to any size of drill pipe ordered.

Make and break

New drill pipe must be used with care to avoid damaging the threads. John Lawrie Tubulars offers controlled factory break­-in procedures to eliminate the field variables and operational rush that can cause rig crews to cut corners or cancel the break-­in procedure completely.


John Lawrie Tubulars is capable of boring the internal diameter (ID) of any size of pipe to provide larger clearance to run special tooling.

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